Members of the committee


Daniel Bärtschi

Election year: 2015

Institutional affiliation: Director Bio Suisse

Rolf Buser, Economist/MBA
Election year: 2006
Sabine Horvath, MSc
Election year: 2009
Anita Joss, Pädagogin
Election year: 1999
Lucy Koechlin, Dr.
Election year: 2006
Institutional affiliation: Professor, Department of Ethnology, University of Basel
Andreas Kressler, lic. iur, MBA
Election year: 2000
Rolf Schürmann, Lic. Phil I, NDS ETH Zürich 
Election year: 2001
Institutional affiliation: Head of the IV-Office BS

Nadezhda Sliwa, M.A.

Election year: 2015

Institutional affiliation: Grammar School of Münchenstein, Department of Environment Sciences

Ursula Walter, lic.phil, Psychologin
Election year: 1997
Monika Winet, Dr. phil. I
Election year: 1997
Institutional affiliation: Department of Public Works and Transport, responsible of mobility