The Basel Autumn fair

The Basel Autumn fair is the largest and oldest amusement fair in Switzerland. It is heralded by the Fair Bell of the Church of St. Martin at exactly 12 o’clock on Saturday before the 30th of October (27th October 2018) and ends on the following third Sunday evening.

Die Basler Herbstmesse. Zoom

It is easy to reach one market square to the next by public transport (Trämli) or on foot.

Die Basler Herbstmesse. Zoom

The traditional city centre fair of the Basel Autumn Fair radiates far beyond the three-country region as it attracts around one million people from Switzerland and abroad.

Das Karusell auf dem Petersplatz während der Basler Herbstmesse. Zoom

The Basel Autumn Fair offers plenty of entertainment even for the little ones.

The large shopkeepers and experience market in Petersplatz lasts two days longer, so up until Tuesday evening.

An over 540-year-old tradition

The Basel Autumn fair is more than just the usual funfair or amusement park. With its tradition stretching back over 540 years and its special customs, it really is a part of the city's living heritage. This traditional inner-city fair, also radiates far into the three-country region and attracts around a million people to Basel from home and abroad. The charm of this public festival surely emanates from the extremely high appreciation the Basel population bestow on it.

Venues in the city centre

The Basel Autumn fair is held at seven venues in the city centre of Basel and in an exhibition hall. The venues are within easy reach by public transport (Trämli) or on foot. Its setting within the city of Basel is also reflected in the layout of the individual venues. Each venue has its own concept and the size of the crowds is always very impressive.

Visitors to the Basel Autumn fair come mainly from the Upper Rhine region and Switzerland, but more and more people are coming from all over Europe, as this festival is unique in every respect. The Autumn fair is one of the largest and most attractive events of its kind in Europe.

Further information


The registration deadline for the Basel Autumn fair can is respectively the 31st of January - in the same year the Basel Autumn fair takes place. The official application form for the next Basel Autumn fair can be respectively downloaded as from the Wednesday after the previous Basel Autumn fair.