Policy preparation

The Canton of Basel-City has set itself the strategic goal of coordinating the interests of the canton, the metropolitan area of Basel and those of Northwestern Switzerland in a unified approach in the federal City of Bern. These efforts must be strengthened in order to guarantee the preservation and growth of the border canton of Basel-Stadt’s economic, cultural and living environment.

Basel balloons at the Bundesplatz in Bern.
The Canton of Basel-Stadt is also represented in the federal city of Bern. The policy preparation provides its basis for it.

The Lobbying group in the federal City of Bern, which is based in the Division of External Affairs and Marketing of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, acts as the «nerve centre» for the timely, clear and comprehensible exchange of information. The decision makers must put forward the most compelling arguments at the right time to win support for the concerns of the Basel region. Lobbying is a service both for the government and the departments of the Canton of Basel-Stadt; it is based exclusively on the positions and demands that are supported by the government and the heads of the departments.

The Lobbying group is based primarily on the following instruments at a national level: development of basic research (dossier maintenance, preparation of fact sheets, monitoring), committee work and network maintenance (events, meetings).

Objectives of the policy preparation

The aim of the policy preparation is to

• strengthen the monitoring of the decision-making process at the federal level for strategic issues.

• develop and clearly communicate the positions and demands of Basel.

• coordinate the interests within Northwestern Switzerland and, depending on the issue, with other allies.

• strengthen the physical presence in the federal City of Bern in the sense of an «extended arm» of the cantonal administration.

• implement targeted measures to achieve majorities for relevant issues.

A Basel networking event with federal employees in Novartis.
The government of the canton of Basel-Stadt regularly invites federal employees to networking events.


  1. Transport/Town Planning
  2. Business/Research/Culture
  3. Finance/Social Affairs/Security
  • Step 2030 (centrepiece)
  • NAF
  • Rail Link EAP
  • East Ring Road/Rhine tunnel
  • Conglomeration Programme 3rd Generation
  • Mass Immigration Initiative
  • 2017-2020 ERI Dispatch
  • Corporate Tax Reform III
  • National Financial Settlement
  • Border Guards
  • Intelligence Service Act

Formation of political coalitions

The Canton of Basel-Stadt relies on strategic alliances with the following political players in order to implement effective lobbying of the region’s interests in the federal City of Bern:

Conference of Cantonal Governments (CCG)
Tripartite Agglomeration Conference
Directors’ Conference
Swiss Association of Cities (SSV)
Federal Administration
• Parliamentarians (in particular of the Canton of Basel-Stadt) (( Link auf Kap. 5.6 des Portraits))
Metropolitan Conference Basel (MKB)
Nordwestern Switzerland Intergovernmental Conference (NWRK)
Basel Chamber of Commerce 
Gotthard Committee
• Pro Wisenberg Committee 
• Lobbying Groups
• Parliamentary Groups