Charm offensive in Europe

With the slogan, “Basel. Where Europe meets Switzerland.”, the Department of Presidential Affairs (of the Canton of Basel-Stadt) is organising a Basel presence in Europe in cooperation with various partners and institutions. The aim of the charm offensive is to promote Switzerland’s good relations with Europe and to position Basel as the gateway to Switzerland. It will kick off on 1 July with Presence Basel on show in the “House of Switzerland” in Stuttgart, followed by networking events in Paris, Antwerp and Duisburg.

Basel on show in selected cities

Presence Basel will be making several appearances in selected European cities. The launch will take place from 1 July to 31 October 2021 with an appearance at the “House of Switzerland” in Stuttgart. The appearance will include a small Basel exhibition to illustrate the campaign slogan. In addition, networking events are planned by Basel partners.

25 years Museum Tinguely 

To mark its 25th anniversary, the Museum Tinguely is embarking on a journey in a converted cargo ship to relevant sites of the artist Jean Tinguely’s work under the slogan “Museum Tinguely AHOY!”. In cooperation with the Museum Tinguely and other Basel partners, the Department of Presidential Affairs will use the anniversary trip as a platform for networking events in selected European cities.


On 15 July 2021, a reception for invited guests from the fields of business, education, culture and administration will take place at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador in Paris in the presence of the Swiss Ambassador in Paris, Roberto Balzaretti. On the same day, a media event is planned in Paris by the Museum Tinguely and Basel Tourism.

Reception on the ship in Maastricht and Duisburg

On 2 August 2021, the Swiss Embassy in Maastricht will host a reception on the Museum Tinguely ship, followed by a reception in the ship in Duisburg on 19 August 2021 at the invitation of the Swiss Consulate.

Antwerp and Duisburg

Networking events will take place in two cities that are important for the Basel logistics sector: on 29 July 2021 in Antwerp in cooperation with the Swiss Rhine ports, and on 20 August in Duisburg in cooperation with both the Basel Chamber of Commerce and the Swiss Rhine ports. From 22 June 2021, in addition, an advertising tram will circulate around a heavily frequented area of Antwerp for eight weeks, promoting the Museum Tinguely’s anniversary boat trip.

Amsterdam and Frankfurt am Main

Basel Tourism in cooperation with Switzerland Tourism is organising two media events on 9 August 2021 in Amsterdam and on 9 September 2021 in Frankfurt am Main.