The Advisory Board

The canton of Basel-Stadt has started strategic cooperations with five excellent international partners: the Chinese metropolis Shanghai, the state of Massachusetts, one of the most important centres of research and education in the USA and the American cultural capital Miami Beach as well as Abidjan / Yopougon as part of a social city partnership. All the projects of these partnerships are approved by the advisory board, bringing together around 20 experts in the fields of economy, science, education, trade associations, administration, tourism and the arts.

With the finger on the pulse of Basel’s needs

Basel’s vision of successful cooperation entails a varied and vibrant network of encounters, projects and programmes. Acting as engine and catalyst of such cooperation, the Canton aims to be aware of, pursue and include the interests of the private institutions and enterprises involved. These determine in the end whether collaborations bring new life with them and create added value for business, culture, politics, research and education, as well as for the entire location in general.

A top-class advisory board

The advisory board consists of prominent representatives of the most important players in the Basel area and keeps the ties beteen the government and all private protagonists close. It acts as a sounding board and test laboratory for all international cooperations, and adds new impulses for innovative ideas and projects, so that the aims of the partnership remain in focus. The advisory board met for the first time in January 2009, and the members will hold sessions on a regular basis. The meetings are hosted by the acting government president.

Stakeholders determine the strategic approach

The advisory board determines the strategic approach and the main fields of all international cooperations of the canton of Basel-Stadt. In a survey conducted at the beginning of 2007, 18 decision-makers from the region – all of them members of the advisory board – were asked what they think about international cooperation in general and about Basel’s partners Massachusetts and Shanghai in specific. The informants saw great potential in research, life sciences and the arts. Also, they appreciated the fact that both Massachusetts and Shanghai are active in similar economic sectors, such as life sciences and logistics. The focus of the Basel’s most recent city partnership with Miami Beach is on the interests of both sides in culture, tourism, economic development and education.