School exchange

The youth leads the way

A bright future for the partnership between Basel and Massachusetts already is guaranteed. Thanks to an exchange programme between several participating schools, lifelong friendships have been formed. Often these friendships are cemented by repeated mutual visits. But of course the educative side of the exchange does not miss out either.

Forming friendships and swoting up

The school exchange programme has been existing since 2003 and it is maintained in a very active way. The programme was initiated by the former private association «Friends of Massachusetts Basel». Today Gymnasium Leonhard and Wirtschaftsgymnasium are involved in Basel as well as high schools in Gloucester, Natick und Wakefield, MA. Every year, several two-week long stays in both Basel and Massachusetts take place. The students do not only live with the families of their hosts, but they also integrate the courses in their hos school. Besides that, they enjoy a rich cultural programme and a lively intercultural exchange.

Students meet State Councillors

On each stay of guest students from Massachusetts, an official reception takes place in the City Hall. By meeting Members of the Executive Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the guests get a unique chance to get to know the Swiss political system and a lifetime experience at the same time. The Canton also partly sponsors the school exchange programme. But of course the main credit for the great success of this programme goes to the very committed staff from all the participating schools on both sides of the Atlantic.

Contacts for more information:

Oswald Inglin, debuty headmaster of the Gymnasium Leonhard:
Patrick Langloh, headmaster of the Wirtschaftsgymnasium: