Das Sister-State Agreement

Basel State Councillor, Dr. Carlo Conti and the former Governor of Massachusetts, Jane Swift sign the 2002 the Sister-State Agreement.

The agreement between the two states has clear economic objectives. The two cities, even if of different size and importance, have similar structures and views, and apply the «strengthening of strengths» approach, in particular in the fields of economic affairs and trade, as well as education and life sciences. The principal focus of the partnership between Basel and Massachusetts lies clearly in the field of science and education. The activities comprise pupil exchanges as well as co-operation and the exchange of knowledge in the specialist fields of earth science and nursing science.

The wishes and interests of stakeholders are welcomed, and will be integrated into the next MoU wherever possible. Do not hesitate to contact Josias Planta, Head of International Cooperations, tel. 061 267 40 86, josias.planta@bs.ch.