Symbols of a prosperous partnership

A Basilisk fountain from Basel has been effervescently flowing in a park in Shanghai ever since 2009 - a gift from Basel to their twin city. The sculpture 'ZHOU', in the form of a Chinese ship, which was gifted to Basel in return from Shanghai, has been standing in the St. Johanns Park since the end of September 2012.

The five-metre long sculpture of 'Zhou' (boat), weighing nearly ten tons, by the Chinese artist Shen Lieyi, was presented to the Canton of Basel-Stadt by the city of Shanghai at end of September 2012 to mark the fifth anniversary of the partnership. The sculpture is a gift in return for the Basilisk fountain from Basel, which has been standing in the Chinese metropolis since 2009.

The element of water is an aspect that the two sister cities have in common, as they are both on major waterways, and this is reflected in the choice of the respective gifts. However, Basel and Shanghai have much more that connects them: Both are vibrant business centres and cultural cities of international repute. This results in common interests and synergies that will be selectively used and continuously expanded thanks to an innovatively designed partnership.

The Basilisk fountain from Basel in Shanghai

The Basel Basilisk fountain in Shanghai.
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The Rhine metropolis presented the most important port and industrial city of China with an original Basel Basilisk fountain.

A real piece of Basel is in Shanghai: The Rhine metropolis presented an original Basilisk fountain from Basel to the most important port and industrial city of China - as a sign of friendship between the two centres of business, research and culture that share common interests.

The Vice President of the Government, Dr. Carlo Conti, inaugurated the Basel landmark in the Chinese twin city in April 2009, in the presence of local representatives, the local media, representatives of the Swiss authorities, associations and companies, residents of Basel living abroad as well as many onlookers. Ever since that day Basel has also been physically present in the twin city. The gift from Basel - small but perfectly formed – made a good impression and the city administration felt compelled to sing its praises with its own brochure.

Visitors of all ages can admire the elegant green fountain from the last century at the Jing'An Sculpture Park. Visitors are welcome to send their photos to the International Cooperation Office or directly to the City Partnerships’ official Facebook page.