Abidjan / Yopougon

Vogelperspektive-Ansicht der Millionenstadt Abidjan.

The Canton of Basel-Stadt and Ivory Coast’s million-strong metropolis of Abidjan/Yopougon have signed a memorandum of understanding which lays the formal foundation stone for a twinning for the purpose of social commitment. The primary purpose is to make a contribution to the improvement of the living conditions and healthcare of the metropolis. At the present time, the twinning is seen as a pilot project limited to the period 2021 to 2024.

The President of the Government, Beat Jans, and the Mayor of Yopougon, Minister Gilbert Koné Kafana, concluded an agreement on the priority areas of healthcare and the employment market during a video conference on 3 May 2021. Activities in the fields of urban infrastructure, education, sport and culture are also under discussion and were defined in detail in discussions held during a working trip to Ivory Coast.

Also on the agenda were projects of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and swisspeace. Representatives of Basel-Stadt also discussed collaboration on education, sport and culture with the Mayor, Minister Kafana and local institutions. Signed copies of the memorandum of understanding, which had been previously exchanged for signature by post, were also presented during the meetings.

Extension of the portfolio of twinned cities
Since 2002 the Canton of Basel-Stadt has been cultivating a portfolio of twinning and collaborations with destinations outside Switzerland, strategically selected mainly for their economic potential for Basel. The new twinning with Abidjan/Yopougon has been developed against a background of social commitment in which the canton is breaking new ground with its international collaborations.

First meeting between the Mayor of Yopougon, Minister Gilbert Koné Kafana and Sabine Horvath, Head of Division of External Affairs and Marketing of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.