Toyama Prefecture

The Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Toyama Prefecture have been engaged in an exchange at a political level since 2006. The relationship was formalised with an agreement signed in 2009 during the visit of the former Governor Takakazu Ishii to Basel. The agreement was renewed and expanded in Toyama on 24 August 2018. The delegation from Basel was headed by Councillor Dr Conradin Cramer, the Head of the Department of Education.

Councillor Dr Conradin Cramer with Governor Takakazu Ishii.

The relationship between Basel and Toyama is based on the importance of these two locations for the pharmaceutical sector as well as the strong tradition of cooperation in the life sciences sector between the universities in Basel and Toyama. Among other events, the Toyama-Basel Joint Symposium on Pharmaceutical Research and Drug Development takes place every two years, alternately in Basel or Toyama.