Location rankings

Continuous monitoring of the most important location rankings enables the External Affairs and Marketing division to closely monitor the reputation and location factors of the city and the Basel region in international comparison. Basel’s positionings in the current location rankings include, among others, the following:

  • Basel achieved first place in the “fDi’s Small European Cities of the Future 2022/23” category (European cities with 100,000 to 350,000 inhabitants) in the "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022/23" ranking of the Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) Intelligence Division of the Financial Times Ltd which investigated 367 cities worldwide. The criteria of business potential and business friendliness, human capital and quality of life , cost-efficiency and connectivity were evaluated.
  • In the renowned Quality of Living ranking of the globally active consulting company, Mercer, Basel made it in 10th place among the top 10 of 231 cities surveyed worldwide. According to the Mercer study, Basel offers a good economic, political and socio-cultural environment, excellent health care, a high level of security, good and international schools and an attractive real estate market. These numbers are based on the 2019 ranking, as Mercer has not published a new ranking since then due to the distorting effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ranking is based predominantly on the survey of expatriates or people with expat experience who live in the city. The results are compared and checked by analysts to guarantee the comparability of all cities. In particular, the Mercer ranking is designed to provide information for globally active companies on the attractiveness of locations for their employees.
  • A similar ranking is published by the expat agency, Internations. Basel ranked 9th out of 57 major expat cities worldwide such as singapore, New York, Johannesburg, London or Rome (2021). 
  • In the IESE ranking “Cities in Motion” of the University of Navarra, Basel holds 21st place among the best cities worldwide (2020). This scientific ranking, which reviews 174 selected cities from more than 80 countries, is based on a secondary analysis: it combines 96 different indicators in nine categories such as “Environment”, “Human Capital”, “Social Cohesion” and “Mobility”, and evaluates them.
  • In the Credit Suisse ranking (2020) on the location quality of Swiss cantons, Basel-City achieved second place (2.06 points) just behind Zug (2.10 points), and far ahead of Zurich and Geneva (1.23 and 1.14 respectively). The long-standing economic potential of the City canton is thus far higher than that of averagely performing cantons.
  • In the globally recognised Shanghai Ranking, the University of Basel’s performance in the natural, social and engineering sciences has been placed among famous educational institutions from around the world, thus completing the excellent showing of the Swiss universities. In 2021, the University of Basel occupied 87th place out of 1000 research and educational institutions, and so underscored the importance of Basel as an educational and research city, complete with Switzerland’s oldest university with a history stretching back hundreds of years.

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