External Affairs and Marketing

Die Mittlere Rheinbrücke und das Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois auf der Grossbasler Seite. Foto: Basel Tourismus

Our mission

The main mission of the Division of External Affairs and Marketing is to strengthen the external relations of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, thus ensuring the region’s discernable and targeted representation. It aims to establish and develop an international network of political, economic, scientific and cultural contacts, and thereby generate alliances with added value for Basel. This should put the region in a strong position when it comes to international competition and positively influence its development.

Special events

Welcome brochure: New also in German

The more than 100-page Welcome brochure supports international companies, institutions and relocation agencies in their search for personnel for the business location Basel. Now also in German.

The image film of Basel

The new image film of Basel is here!


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