External affairs

Two of the most important tasks of the External Affairs and Marketing division are to cooperate with the trinational metropolitan region as well as pool joint interests and concerns at the regional, national and international level. Moreover, the Canton of Basel-Stadt maintains strategic city partnerships and is committed to supporting projects abroad within the scope of the development cooperation.

Partnerships and cooperations

Basel maintains strategic partnerships with the US Federal State of Massachusetts, Miami Beach, Seoul, Shanghai and Abidjan/Yopougon.

Development Cooperation

The Canton of Basel-Stadt commits CHF 2 million a year towards improving the living conditions of the poorest people in the world.

Trinational and regional cooperation

The pooling of joint interests and concerns at regional, national and international level is an important prerequisite for positive location development.

Federal politics

The border canton of Basel-Stadt aims to represent the combined interests and concerns of the canton, the metropolitan area of Basel and north-west Switzerland before the federal authorities in Bern.