City Partnerships

For Basel, strategic city partnerships are an integral part of external relations and promoting the area, as well as being important in developing an international network. Basel maintains strategic partnerships with the US Federal State of Massachusetts, Shanghai, Miami Beach, Toyama and Abidjan.

  • Partner City Massachusetts

    The partnership between the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the US Federal State of Massachusetts was already established on 20 June 2002, with the signing of a Sister-State Agreement. It focuses on research and science, business and culture. More about the partnership with Massachusetts

  • Die fünf Meter lange und knapp zehn Tonnen schwere Skulptur "ZHOU" (Barke) des chinesischen Künstlers SHEN Lieyi im St. Johannspark.

    Partner City Shanghai

    The twinning with the Chinese economic hub of Shanghai has attracted numerous projects and exchange programmes in the areas of cutting-edge medicine, economy, education and research, sustainability, as well as culture and tourism since its launch on 19 November 2007. More about the partnership with Shanghai

  • Partner City Miami Beach

    Basel has been working closely together with Miami Beach (USA) since 2002 because of the Art Basel Miami Beach fair. Basel and Miami Beach signed a partnership agreement on 28 November 2011, which focuses on the interests of both sides: Culture, tourism, economic development and education. More about the partnership with Miami Beach

  • Toyama Prefecture

    The Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Toyama Prefecture have been engaged in an exchange at a political level since 2006. The relationship was formalised with an agreement signed in 2009 during the visit of the former Governor Takakazu Ishii to Basel. The agreement was renewed and expanded in Toyama on 24 August 2018. The delegation from Basel was headed by Councillor Dr Conradin Cramer, the Head of the Department of Education. More about Toyama Prefecture

  • Abidjan / Yopougon

    The Canton of Basel-Stadt and Ivory Coast’s million-strong metropolis of Abidjan/Yopougon have signed a memorandum of understanding which lays the formal foundation stone for a twinning for the purpose of social commitment. The primary purpose is to make a contribution to the improvement of the living conditions and healthcare of the metropolis. At the present time, the twinning is seen as a pilot project limited to the period 2021 to 2024. More about Abidjan / Yopougon