Federal politics

The border canton of Basel-Stadt aims to represent the combined interests and concerns of the canton, the metropolitan area of Basel and north-west Switzerland before the federal authorities in Bern. The purpose of this endeavour is to maintain and promote Basel-Stadt as a place for business, culture and quality of life.

  • Basel balloons at the Bundesplatz in Bern.

    Policy preparation

    The Policy Preparation Service ‒ part of the Division of External Affairs and Marketing for the canton of Basel-Stadt ‒ is an internal administrative body which serves as the coordination and information interface between federal policy and cantonal matters. In particular, it is responsible for ensuring the timely, clear and comprehensible flow of information. This internal administrative groundwork is a service provided for the benefit of the specialist departments. More about Policy preparation

  • Conference of Cantonal Governments

    The Conference of Cantonal Governments (CCG) promotes the cooperation between the cantons within its remit. It coordinates federal matters relevant to the cantons and makes sure that the information is available for the attention of the cantons. More about Conference of Cantonal Governments

  • Swiss Association of Cities

    The Division of External Affairs and Marketing coordinates and records all of the consultation responses of the Canton of Basel-Stadt submitted to the SSV and prepares the participation of the President of the Government at the board meetings held four times a year, as well as the annual Association of Cities. More about Swiss Association of Cities

  • Federal Administration

    The Executive Council of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, together with its partner canton Basel-Landschaft, invites federal employees to its "Networking event for both Basels" once a year. The supporting programme offers government representatives from both Basel cantons the opportunity to network with members of the federal administration, parliamentarians and management staff of the associated departments of the two Basel cantons. More about Federal Administration