Policy preparation

The Policy Preparation Service ‒ part of the Division of External Affairs and Marketing for the canton of Basel-Stadt ‒ is an internal administrative body which serves as the coordination and information interface between federal policy and cantonal matters. In particular, it is responsible for ensuring the timely, clear and comprehensible flow of information. This internal administrative groundwork is a service provided for the benefit of the specialist departments.

Basel balloons at the Bundesplatz in Bern.
The canton of Basel-Stadt protects its interests also in the federal city of Bern. The policy preparation provides its basis for it.

Another of the Policy Preparation Service's responsibilities is to ensure that politicians have visibility on cantonal affairs. Specifically, policy preparation at national level comprises the following elements: day-to-day groundwork (updating files, systematically monitoring and issuing internal administrative factsheets), committee work and maintaining networks (events, meetings).

Objectives of the policy preparation

The Policy Preparation Service performs an internal administrative coordination role on matters relating to federal policy.

The objective of the Policy Preparation Service is:

… to explain the priority issues that are of particular relevance to our region, clearly and comprehensibly,

… to ensure that those issues are monitored at federal level and

… to coordinate the interests of the canton of Basel-Stadt within Northwestern Switzerland as a whole and with other stakeholders.

Formation of political coalitions

The representation of interests and lobbying work are roles performed by members of the government and the Federal Parliament. The Canton of Basel-Stadt relies on strategic coalitions to ensure that its interests are represented.

Priority issues

The Policy Preparation Service concentrates on matters of federal policy which are of special importance for the canton. Those priority issues include aspects of finance, business, social welfare, health, security, spatial planning, transport, education, research and innovation.

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