The Division of External Affairs and Marketing promotes and strengthens the many and varied external relations of the Canton of Basel-Stadt through a national and international network and is responsible for the effective marketing and positioning of Basel as a location both domestically and abroad.

External affairs

Basel City Hall with trinational flags.

Strategic partnerships and cooperations are an integral part of the canton's external business. It builds on the strengths of both partners and focuses on activities that have a direct or indirect impact on positive location development. In addition, city twinning is cultivated, with a direct exchange and projects that aim to improve the living conditions of the local people.

Within the framework of development cooperation, the Canton of Basel-Stadt supports aid projects abroad with 2 million Swiss francs annually. The Division of External Affairs and Marketing is the central hub for project applications and the processing of financial contributions. The Commission for Development Cooperation evaluates the project applications and makes a recommendation to be sent for the attention of the Government for decision-making.

Due to its special geographical border location, Basel attaches great importance to cross-border cooperation in the trinational metropolitan area. The Canton of Basel-Stadt strives to eliminate border barriers and promote coexistence. To this end, the Division of External Affairs and Marketing coordinates the external relationships and location marketing trinational and regional cooperation of the various committees.

In addition, the Division of External Affairs and Marketing supports and coordinates the activities relating to federal policy that are crucial for Basel and the region as a business location. It ensures the flow of information from the cantonal administration to federal policy-makers and ensures that the canton’s concerns are brought to the attention of political players. One focus is on European policy and a strengthening of the relationship between Switzerland and the EU.

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The Division of External Affairs and Marketing is also responsible for the effective positioning of Basel as a location both domestically and abroad. Through targeted communication measures and marketing campaigns, Basel and its strengths are made known both nationally and internationally. The analysis of selected location rankings enables systematic monitoring of Basel's positioning in Switzerland and abroad.

Another priority of the Division is to strengthen Basel as a venue for events. In addition to managing major events such as Swiss Indoors Basel, the Longines CHI Classic Basel and the Basel Tattoo, the Division is also responsible for securing new major events, especially European and World Championships, and supporting major TV productions.

In the area of fairs & events, the Division itself organises major events such as the Basel Autumn Fair and the Basel Christmas Market. It is also responsible for the organisation of Basel’s weekly markets, namely the city market and the gourmet market on Marktplatz, the flea markets on Petersplatz and Barfüsserplatz and the new goods market on Barfüsserplatz. The department also issues permits for neighbourhood markets on the Allmend.

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