Members of the committee

The Commission for Development Cooperation assesses project applications twice a year on the basis of a set of criteria, and then submits a proposal to the cantonal government detailing which of them should be supported.

President: Lucy Koechlin, Dr.
Elected: 2006
Institutional connection: Lecturer, Institute of Ethnology, University of Basel


Nadezhda Sliwa, M.A.

Elected: 2015
Institutional connection: Gymnasium Münchenstein, Department of Environmental Sciences


Benedikt Arnold

Member since: 2019
Institutional connection: Head of Gap Case Management vocational education, Department of Education of the Canton of Basel-Stadt


Bettina Bühler

Elected: 2022
Managing Director of Stiftung Frauenhaus beider Basel


Sabine Horvath, MSc

Elected: 2009


Martin Leschhorn Strebel, lic. phil I

Member since: 2017
Managing Director of Medicus Mundi Network Switzerland


Matthias Nabholz

Elected: 2022
Head of Office for Environment and Energy Basel-Stadt


Maya Natarajan

Member since: 2019
Project Manager Social Affairs, Christoph Merian Foundation


Fabian Waldmeier

Elected: 2021
Head of International Cooperation, Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland), Deputy Managing Director

Monika Winet, Dr. phil. I
Elected: 1997
Head of Staff Mobility, Department of Construction and Transport of the Canton of Basel-Stadt